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December 02, 2008


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Good post. Keep 'em comin.


Wonderful story, Kamran.

Aunt Susan


Sounds like a brilliant event for the soldier's morale. Sounds like an honorable privilage for you to translate for Kevin. And more over, it sounds like a very humanitarian event to further indigineous cultural values and solidarity worldwide. Thank you for posting this.

Dr. Don Addison

This is absolutely beautiful. I teach American Indian Studies and I always include units on Kevin Locke. Kevin has truly touched the
hearts and souls of numerous college students in Oregon and I
see first hand the wonderful transformation in these students.
They are inspired by Kevin's artistry and yet, they don't see Kevin's life and teaching in any way patronistic or egocentric. There is nothing phony about Kevin, since he seeks humbly to bring peoples of all races, religions, and cultures together. I'm a Choctaw elder and a Baha'i and I have nothing but the deepest respect for what this beautiful soul does in truly making this a beautiful world in which to live. Thank you Kevin---my students truly love you and your music and your prayers. Yakoke (Choctaw for "thank you" in my tribal language). Dr Don Addison

David Grant

Thank you for this wonderful account! I know Kevin and had heard about his Iraq trip - but your story about the performance in front of the Iraqui troops sheds a special light on the wonderful way in which Kevin spreads the message of unity.


Wow...what an awesome story! I missed Kevin Locke when he was at CSU a few weeks ago. I've seen him before, but your story makes me sad I didn't find the time to attend. Keep the posts coming. It's so interesting to hear about events in Iraq from your point of view!


Kamran, that was amazing! Your telling was very touching and I could feel the emotion, I can only imagine how it was that night. It really got to me, good stuff!

John Busby

Hey man, this is Busby. Drop me a line at theshiningfool at gmail dot com. I'm not sure where exactly you are, but I'll be coming out to the sandbox to play shortly. Perhaps we will run into each other.


Hey Lehman,

I haven't seen your blog for a while. I'm glad I caught this entry though. You've done a good job, like everything you do, and I hope things in the desert are going well.
We miss you bro. Keep doing good and staying safe.

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