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November 17, 2008


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A really moving blog, Kamran. Thank you.

Aunt Susan


The sectarian divisions in Iraq...Will there ever be some sort of reconciliation? How bad does it have to get before that happens? Well, I suppose if we knew that, this would be over. Here's to hoping Sadr maintains the peace which, imo, is the real reason to surge has been so successful.


The other night I was in Portland and a huge grin broke out on my face when I remembered how you jumped for joy and were so elated after "The Future President" waved at you! I wasn't wholly converted at the time but your words have really helped me to understand the impact of the HOPE he brings to the world. I can honestly say that today I'm an Obama fan, and you can be proud that you had a role in my conversion. I do see that good things are ahead of us and the world, to heal the future and the past.

I've really come to appreciate you over the past few months as I've had time to reflect on our encounters. I've also come to the conclusion that you are super awesome! Sending love from Oregon!

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