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October 20, 2008


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Kamran, this is WONDERFUL -- I love the oud already. You MUST get one. You must! Does it have eight strings like my mandolin? I dearly love my mandolin, which was made just for me and named Ohio Star by its maker. Oh, I am looking forward to hearing you play this. How much will one cost you (or shouldn't I ask?)

Aunt Susan


Kamran- Just came across your blog on the gmail status link. I am looking forward to reading the chronicles of your overseas service. All best, Curry (from the PMBA program!)


Great post, Kamran! I would have loved to see some pics of the bazaar. That is great that you at least have an opportunity to talk with some every day Iraqis. I've been thinking about picking up a guitar lately, too. The community college I'm going to here in NM has some great continuing ed. options and I've been thinking about hitting up a music class next semester. If you've got any good beginner guitar recommendations, you should send them my way. Take care, MAC

Aunt Becky

Lovely instrument. Extrordinary pixs. The very best to you Kamron. Love, Aunt Becky

Blog Manager

I appreciate all security concerns about information coming from a war zone, all individuals cited in the blog have undergone a name change or their identities have been obfuscated in some way to protect their identity. The only exception is information gleaned from open source articles. In the above post, information about the Oud Makers in Baghdad came from widely circulated open source news articles (NY Times).

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